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What is Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold?

"Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold" is an epic co-op roguelike built around action-packed gameplay with fast-paced combat. In teams, you will dive into the world of the Seven Dwarfs and defeat the scheming queen's evil plans that threaten Snow White and her lands. Each dwarf is a unique character with exciting mechanics and skills that evolve throughout the game. Each play-through takes you on a different procedurally-generated journey as you progress through a series of different biomes towards the final battle.



The empire has fallen into the hands of an evil queen. Now you, your friends and Snow White are the only remaining hope to restore the balance of power. As you play one of the seven dwarfs, your group will fight enemies and conquer new lands until evil is defeated. Every time you fail, Snow White's powers bring you back from the brink of death to once again face the perils of the ever-changing lands.



Meet the Dwarfs

Character 1

Character 1

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About Surprised Turtle Studios

Surprised Turtle Studios is a Swiss game studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 2021 by Carl Friess, Laurin Paech and Haraldur Orri Hauksson, who were soon after joined by Albert Mitringer and Tim Knoche, based in Vienna, Austria. The team is passionate about bringing players together through immersive multiplayer games